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When you need accounting and auditing services, you can be assured of superior service all year round. Accounting and auditing service is not just an annual event. Our specialists proactively remain in contact with you throughout the year. Through regular communication, we work closely with you to significantly improve internal control systems, financial reporting structures, and administrative efficiency.

Pete Eaglen, CPA, leads our Accounting and Auditing Team, which tailor their work to meet all your business needs. Because our senior service professionals and principals are located in our Erie, PA and Jamestown, NY offices, you experience no delays in obtaining conclusions to complex business issues. Meeting your timetable is our top priority.

Our accounting and auditing specialists:

  • Gain an understanding of your business practices and procedures, the markets you serve, and your business goals and objectives
  • Evaluate your business systems and the underlying system of internal controls to ensure accurate financial reports are being generated
  • Test your current system's ability to process and report transactions properly
  • Identify significant account balances and tailoring our audit testing to the areas of higher risk or areas that include significant judgment
  • Analyze your annual financial statements to ensure proper disclosures

To eliminate unnecessary duplication of effort and to increase efficiency, we customize our requests for information and schedules. Also, by performing audit testing before year-end, we reduce the time involved in finalizing the year-end financial closing, thus enabling our clients, like you, to receive more timely financial information.

Because the specialists of Schaffner, Knight, Minnaugh & Company, P.C., enjoy their work, our employee retention rate is high, which means, mostly likely, the same team will work on your engagement year after year. Utilizing the same team of experts annually increases efficiency. This efficiency and thorough knowledge of your business is our key to providing you with a risk-based audit approach and value-added suggestions.

As your auditors, we provide you with timely deliverables and much more. A by-product of our audit service is the “management letter.” The management letter outlines formal suggestions to improve systems. We will meet with you and your senior management to review the management letter and the annual financial statements. Our ultimate goal is for you to receive a timely, efficient, and thorough audit from our world class specialists.

World Class Service for World Class Clients.